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[ LATEST ] SmartPhone Hacks And Tricks 2018

Written by Jitendra verma

SmartPhone Hacks And Tricks 2018: When You Use your android you feel not a pro and fell good so today I am going to show you best smartphone hacks you need to apply in your real-life for easy your Day So without wasting any more time lets get to start it.

1) Double the charging speed

Although nowadays the fastest charging facility is being offered in the latest Smartphone, mobile charging is still a problem for some users. Most of us know that charging a Smartphone while switch off gives speed to the charging process.

You can get double charging speed while keeping your device running. Just put your Smartphone in airplane mode. This will cause your device’s network access and will speed up the charging speed.

2) Get a Recycle Bin on your Android Mobile

Unlike desktop computers and laptops, once you delete a file on a Smartphone, it goes on forever. You need a special data recovery program to recover lost files. But now it will not happen. Now you can activate the Recycle Bin on your Android mobile in the same way as you do on a Windows PC or laptop. Simply download an app called Dumpster, which is able to accidentally protect it. All files are stored in the app, which you can later delete or recover according to your convenience.

Undoubtedly, it is advisable to keep your phone’s storage clean to speed up the phone. You can remove unwanted files from the dumpster and save valuable storage and speed up your Android phone.

3) Use Smartphone camera as spectrum

For the person suffering from myopia, forgetting the glasses at home is definitely an emergency. Without glasses, they are not able to see anything clearly from long distances. As a result, they have to get help from others.

In such cases, you can also use your Smartphone’s camera and see beyond your viewing area. Simply use the camera’s zoom feature of your Smartphone and get a focused image of the surroundings.

4) Magical night lamp

The problem of power cuts in developing countries is still a major issue. Due to our Smartphone, we will not have to find candles or emergency lighting in such situations because we have a built-in flashlight. The light produced from the flashlight is usually intense and concentrated which can damage your eyes.

To avoid this, you can put a bottle full of water in front of Smartphone’s flashlight. And just your magical night lamp is ready.

5) Check your remote controller

When your remote controller does not work, do you get frustrated? Remote controllers often get damaged when dropped from the height.

Convert Mobile into Remote

You can use your Smartphone as a remote first of all you have to download an Application from play store “SURE Universal Smart TV Remote Control”. By the help of this application, you can convert your mobile into a Remote.

6) To save the charger’s wires from damage

In most cable wires loose contacts are in the end part. You can protect the ends by rotating the sellotape or thin GI wire at the end of the cables.

7) Disable background data for non-required apps.

Many apps run in the background, even if you are not using them. It’s okay for things like email and social media, where you would like to know when a new message or comment is received, but what about the rest of the app?

In that case, you can turn off background data on the basis of app-by-app. Go to Settings-> General-> Background App Refresh, and select the application to close.

While in Android, you can “restrict background data” for each app. Go to Settings-> Data Usage. Tap on the app of your choice, then scroll down to restrict background data on the cellular network.

(Note that this setting can save you accidentally by going to your data plan threshold.)

8) Disable app notifications which you do not really need.

If you get annoyed with app notifications, it’s for you. You know that app notifications also work on your phone’s battery. If you want to stop them, and if you are Jelly Bean 4.1 and above then long press on any of your unwanted notifications in your Notification Bar.

Tap on App Info>Turn Show Notifications Off > OK.

9) Disable cellular data usage for specific apps and features to save battery power.

Stop cellular data usage for some apps and features that allow you to run the battery for a long time

10) Premium versions of your favorite apps can save both data usage and battery power.

Yes, we like free apps. Like other free things in life, they always come with the price. You will not be able to show ads when paying for the premium version of those apps. Free apps constantly use your data to distribute you to different ads! In addition to saving your data consumption in this way, it can also save some battery power on your device.

11) Do not use your smartphone while charging.

Ever wondered why the phone makers make such small charging cables? Do they want to save money? No, the answer is – they do not want you to use the phone while charging. Yes, they discourage the idea of charging and using it simultaneously, because it significantly reduces the life of the battery. Most phones run on Li-ion batteries and these batteries have a limited charging cycle after which they need to be replaced.

12) Increase your battery with low battery mode.

Your battery is at a lower percentage, and you do not have a charger. So you do not panic if your phone is running on iOS 9, go to Settings> Battery> Low Power Mode. In low power mode, non-essential functions are disabled, which gives you up to four hours of battery life.

13) Disable the notifications and close the sync function.

Every time your phone shows a new snapshot, tweet or notification of Instagram, it loses a little bit of power. Minimize notification alerts to maximize that battery life. We know that every email you have is important. But the sync function is always looking for new mail and pings you with inbox updates-which looks like a battery.

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